Jessica Davies

Strategist | UX Designer | FE Developer | Healthcare SME

San Francisco & New York


Business Strategy

As a designer, I always start with the business first. The design mantra is "if the users aren't happy, you don't have a business." I couldn't agree more. But it goes both ways. If you don't have a solid business strategy, then you won't be able to sustainably offer any products to your users. I believe I am unique in that I can look at things with a design eye, without ever taking my eye off the end game - making the business profitable.


People are highly suggestible, and extensive research of a product or its competitors can often lead to a flat "me too" designs. I prefer to ideate first with only a very basic knowledge of the product. I believe this results in the most novel designs.


Throughout my career, research has always played an integral part. I enjoy talking to all types of people, and hearing about the product from their points of view. Repeated research is the only way to confirm the correct strategic direction.


My approach is to never hold back. Never say it can't be done, it's a bad idea, or my least favorite, "But we have always done it this way." Sketch it all out. Change it. Check viability with engineering. Make a decision. Test. Rinse. Repeat.

UX Methods

Method Level
Body storming Advanced Queen Emoji
Competitive analysis Expert Skull and Cross Bones Emoji
Design studio Intermediate Geek Emoji
Empathy mapping Intermediate Geek Emoji
Guerilla research Expert Skull and Cross Bones Emoji
Heuristic evaluation Intermediate Geek Emoji
Method Level
Ideation Advanced Queen Emoji
Interviews Expert Skull and Cross Bones Emoji
Journey mapping Intermediate Geek Emoji
Market research Expert Skull and Cross Bones Emoji
Personas Intermediate Geek Emoji
Rapid prototyping Intermediate Geek Emoji
Method Level
Site mapping Intermediate Geek Emoji
Sketching Advanced Queen Emoji
Surveys Advanced Queen Emoji
Task analysis Intermediate Geek Emoji
User flows Intermediate Geek Emoji
User research Advanced Queen Emoji

Software & Languages

Software Level
Atom/Sublime Intermediate Geek Emoji
Bootstrap Intermediate Geek Emoji
Firebase Beginner Turkey Emoji
GitHub Intermediate Geek Emoji
InVision Intermediate Geek Emoji
Software Level
Keynote Advanced Queen Emoji
OmniGraffle Beginner Turkey Emoji
Pop Advanced Queen Emoji
Sketch3 Advanced Queen Emoji
Trello Intermediate Geek Emoji
Language Level
CSS Intermediate Geek Emoji
HTML Intermediate Geek Emoji
iOS/Swift Beginner Turkey Emoji
JavaScript Intermediate Geek Emoji
Ruby Beginner Turkey Emoji

Other Skills

Skill Level
Analytics Expert Skull and Cross Bones Emoji
Business development Advanced Queen Emoji
Corporate strategy Expert Skull and Cross Bones Emoji
Finance Expert Skull and Cross Bones Emoji
Skill Level
Financial modeling Expert Skull and Cross Bones Emoji
Healthcare Expert Skull and Cross Bones Emoji
Pitch books Advanced Queen Emoji
Presentations Expert Skull and Cross Bones Emoji
Skill Level
Portuguese Beginner Turkey Emoji
Public speaking Advanced Queen Emoji
Spanish Intermediate Geek Emoji
Raising capital Intermediate Geek Emoji